Gustavo Azócar: estoy preso a consecuencia de un complot.

Gustavo Azócar: estoy preso a consecuencia de un complot.

Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette This is a blog site which has a watchful eyes stalking in the shade to spot something interesting in the light. It seems that this mysterious figure has some wit for everyone to follow, be aware because this author might feature you or may put you in the limelight but resist or you will be tempted and hook to something exciting or amazing so better be watchful. This is just the second part of three series. One is the wife, the other is the mistress. And between them, the man whose love and time they share. But even the most discreet of affairs can be laid open, and the most submissive of wives can lose her patience. Vilma Santos, Hilda Koronel and Dindo Fernando lend their thespic talents to this moving tale of love, betrayal and retribution. Ching Rita Gomez , scandalously tipsy after a day of lonesome drinking, and Pinggoy Vic Vargas , who attempts to salvage Ching from further embarrassing herself in public, see a mob of adoring fans, separated from their fantasy world by a metal gate and obviously oblivious to the excesses of their fleeting limelight.

Battletech Field Manual 3145

Pope gets grand welcome. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears. For they could not endure what was commanded: See that you do not refuse Him who speaks.


The foliage, consisting of hardwood and fruit trees which together with bamboo groves made up the landscape around the house, was virtually just silhouettes, unlike in summer when even at dawn the house already struck up some nice picture framed by green scallops etched in blue sky and accented by fire trees whose orange blossoms served to crown the steeply-inclined house roof.

Ka Mao was up and about that early, doing his regular chore of sprucing up the surroundings, cutting grass that had begun to thicken in the lawn with the onset of the rainy season. Gia would get up from bed at this time, but she took too much time toying with her stuffed toys in bed. Good thing Assumption was just a walk away, and she would make it to the school still with plenty of time to spare before the bell.

A gust of breeze swept by, causing Ka Mao to cringe slightly. He tightened the faded denim jacket he wore around his body. He was shivering but was controlling it. He looked up to the sky to see if it was going to rain, spreading his palm to check any raindrops. No sign of rain, Ka Mao thought. He checked his foot for a while. It had grown some swelling. Pressing a finger on the swollen top, he betrayed pain.

He fixed the bandage around the wound, then as he was about to resume his work, he paused at sight of the house getting illumined by the increasing sunlight. The otherwise austere triangular roof made of galvanized iron sheets toping the main section of the house was made prominent by its very flatness in green and its steep inclination which approximated those of Swiss houses.


Local journalists who covered the airport at the time had been herded by military men to the entrance to the tube where they were to await Aquino. When they learned of the commotion at the tarmac, they interviewed the disembarking passengers to ask them what happened. One conversation was that of Burton and a Filipino.

Suffice it to say that on 7 August , our universe suddenly got quite a bit smaller. The reliable and efficient communications that had connected the worlds of the Inner Sphere for over five hundred years failed us. To this day the cause and perpetrator remain unknown, despite over a decade of speculation and investigation. Ultimately, however, the HPG Blackout is of less consequence in and of itself than what came after.

We celebrated diversity amongst our citizens, never considering that in doing so we were creating an environment in which they could cling to their old allegiances rather than replace them with devotion to our Republic. With the fall of the hyperpulse generator network, the Republic lost any internal cohesion it had once had. As the days and weeks and months dragged on with no sign that interstellar communications would ever be restored, the people of our worlds grew restless and scared, turning to demagogic leaders and old allegiances to soothe their troubles.


The “tanim bala” scheme allegedly involves airport security officials who plant live ammunition in order to extort an exorbitant amount of money from the passenger caught with the planted bullet inside their luggage. Under Republic Act , it’s unlawful for anyone to possess or buy firearms and ammunition without the license to do so. To avoid falling prey to the “tanim bala” scheme, Joseph Plazo of Plazo Associates Law shared his tips as a lawyer on how you can protect your luggage and how you can practice your legal rights if you become a victim of the alleged scam.

Use hard-case luggage, avoid bags that have external pockets Some concerned citizens have posted videos of how easy it is to pry open the zippers of a padlocked luggage; all it will need is a ballpoint pen to dislodge the zipper to open the bag with locks and you won’t even know that your luggage was tampered.

Eh kasi nagpapagawa kami ng hauslaloo Yung todong haus na pink na, wala ng lipatan, wala ng ibahan ng kulay, wala ng atrasan. Pag gawa na yung balur, post ko ditey ang piktyuraka ala-Mandaya Moore hihihi Anyway, eto at sisipagan ko ang buong season ng simbang gabi. Nine mornings, nine blogs, nine stories, one BM to rule them all Present lagi ang mga beki.

Palagi ding may dumarating na mga baka. Kaya linggo linggo din eh nagpapastol kami. At sa dinami-dami ng baka na naglabas masok sa balur na makasalanan, at sa dinami-dami ng eksena naming mag-aate, nabuo ang “Beki Code”

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My blog is beginning to look like a registry of dead journos. But somebody has to break the sad news. Before getting her reply when I asked her who was it this time, I found a feed from gmanews. Joegar or Jose Garcia was one of my editors at the defunct Manila Chronicle. He was the chief sub in charge of putting the front page to bed.

The reader might be curious as to why another folk music encyclopedia is necessary at this time. To take one very simple example, biographical information on Bob Dylan is readily available, as is the case with many of the individuals and topics here represented. Carlin does not attempt a rigid definition of folk music or folk songs, since these terms and categories have become more fluid in recent decades.

What is of greater importance, however, concerns his choice of topics and individuals. Encyclopedias often include numerous contributors, but in this case Richard Carlin has compiled all of the entries, which makes this volume very unique. The entries thus reflect not only his expertise and research but also his interests, insights, and aesthetic judgments.

He includes numerous biographies of musicians, the majority of his entries, but also information on folklorists, instruments, record companies, institutions, magazines, songs, and much more, all written from his unique perspective. Every editor has to make discrete and difficult choices in selecting the finite number of entries that can reasonably be included in a one-volume encyclopedia. Carlin has been very successful in accomplishing this difficult task. There are biographies not only of American musicians, but also those from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

He not only locates these musicians within the contexts of their traditional music, but he also details their strong transatlantic connections, particularly since the s. Carlin is also interested in numerous obscure southern and British musicians, individuals as well as groups, particularly those who have used string instruments and who often are not included in the numerous country, pop, and blues music encyclopedias previously published. On the other hand, some major country music figures are not here included as separate entries, such as Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, or Johnny Cash, because they are covered in the Country volume of the Encyclopedia of American Popular Music.

Friendster or Other Friendly links: Isa lang, pero hindi naman ako pinansin. Siya ang ” first crush” ko. Hintay ako ng hintay sa kanya noon, kaya nga available ako parati. Noong nagka BF naman ako, it only lasted weeks lang.








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