Historic sites in Greece

Historic sites in Greece

Last updated on October 29, in Greece , Tours Leave a Comment This four-day tour of classical Greece is a great way to make history come alive. The tour begins in Athens and includes coach transportation, accommodations, and breakfast and lunch daily. This canal was a long-time in the making: Though it was completed in two years, the 6. Up next is Mycenae, a major Greek civilization in the second millennium BC. At its peak, the citadel and tower town had about 30, residents; today, it has ruins. Mycenae had been abandoned by the time they arrived. As a result people flocked to this ancient Greek town in hopes of being cured, since it was the most famous healing center in the classical world. It also was known as a sanctuary and for its famous theatre, which is being used again in the 21st century. At its peak, Epidaurus was a wealthy city with many great buildings but today, it is an important archeological site.

What’s On in Athens: Events, Exhibitions and Festivals This Winter (Regularly Updated)

One of the most beautiful spots on the island is Bekiri Cave, which has areas where you can swim as well as walk. One distinctive feature of Spetses is the prohibition of automobiles within town limits. Transportation options include walking, bicycles, mopeds and horse-drawn carriages. Travel time from Piraeus: Kea As the nearest island of the Cyclades to the mainland, Kea is extremely popular with Athenian families in August and at weekends year-round. As a result much of the coastline is peppered with holiday homes built with the locally quarried green-brown stone.

Acropolis Museum. Most of the artifact unearthed at the Acropolis of Athens are now exhibited at the Acropolis Museum, including the most extensive group of Korai statues, and the sculptures that once adorned the Parthenon.

Trouble with the national economy has created a number of issues What is Name Day in Greece? Name Day is a traditional day of celebration in which the day of the year that one’s name is connected with, in accordance to the calender of The entire country of Greece is a paradise for tourists who are interested in the history of art, culture and literature.

In fact, Greece has been a popular vacation spot for many centuries. Ancient Greece gave us fantastic architecture and the Olympics, but today travelers go to Greece for the social life and shopping opportunities as much as they do to visit the Acropolis and Mount Olympus. The best way to experience the unique beauty and culture of Greece is to tour both the mainland and the islands of this incredible Mediterranean vacation destination.

In addition to Athens and Delphi on the mainland, spending a few nights at each island will allow you to fully experience each unique island on its own.

8 Charming Islands Near Athens

Tweet Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long history , dating from the first settlement in the Neolithic age. Over the years, a multitude of conquerors occupied Athens, and erected unique, splendid monuments – a rare historical palimpsest. In , it became the capital of the modern Greek state and in two centuries since it has become an attractive modern metropolis with unrivalled charm.

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I mean look at the length of my posts. But Athens is an odd duck for sure, but not in a bad way. There is just a sharp contrast between the remnants of the past and the Athens of today. Like total real talk so you know what to expect when visiting Athens. This sums up exactly how I feel about visiting Athens, Greece. Shout out to excuse me are you Greek. So Athens is kind of like my ex. Just hear me out and I also promise that I actually liked Athens, Greece and enjoyed all the Athens sightseeing I did, even if I forget to use my Greece travel guide.

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The Acropolis, Athens One of the most recognisable sights anywhere in the world, the Acropolis symbolises Greece, its ancient history, its gods and its contribution to civilisation. The mighty temple of the Parthenon looms above the capital but the Acropolis is much more, an entire citadel which includes the Erechtheion temple, the Propylaia entrance and the temple of Athena Nike. The Parthenon itself is a grand Doric temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, standing 45ft high, supported by 46 massive outer pillars.

Badly damaged in medieval times, a year restoration project has ensured its survival.

BCE: Mesolithic Period () Earliest evidence of burials found in Franchthi Cave in the Argolid, Greece: BCE: Evidence of food producing economy, simple hut construction, and seafaring in mainland Greece and the Aegean.

This bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis with a population of nearly 3. The main port of Athens , Piraeus , is one of the biggest and most important in the Mediterranean. At first glance, Athens might discourage visitors due to its seemingly unorganised appearance. However, its charm lies beyond that. The historic centre, major sites and dining and entertainment venues are all clustered together, making Athens a great place to walk in.

After the Olympic games of , great efforts have also been made to reorganise the city. The best time to visit Athens is during spring and autumn, as in the summer, high temperatures and increased traffic may prove to be very harsh. If you are resistant to heat, though, a visit in mid-August may be better, when a large percentage of Athenians have left the city for their vacations.

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Cycladic civilization[ edit ] Cycladic civilization is the earliest trading center of goods. It was extensively distributed throughout the Aegean region. The Linear B tablets often refer to men or to their work, although, there were also female artisans, who mainly worked in the textile industry. We also know from archaeological evidence that Minoan artisans practised a large range of craftsmanship jobs including: Due to only a small amount of evidence about occupation, we do not know whether a worker might have mastered in several trades, or fully specialized in one profession.

Athens (/ ˈ æ θ ɪ n z /; Greek: Αθήνα, Athína; Ancient Greek: Ἀθῆναι, Athênai [̯]) is the capital and largest city of dominates the Attica region and is one of the world’s oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3, years and its earliest human presence starting somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC.

Our hotel is located around the corner from the Plaka, shopping and near all the ancient sites, so arrive early and spend the day exploring Athens. Vacation Day 2 – Friday: From the Acropolis to Omonia Square see all the famous sites of ancient and modern Athens. Free time to explore Athens before our Welcome Dinner. Enjoy the beautiful blue sea, the blowing winds as we pass numerous Greek Islands. On Mykonos you will find beautiful beaches, chic boutiques and elegant nightclubs.

Hundreds of tiny chapels dot this blue and whitewashed island with its beautiful windmills. Mykonos, Greece Sleep late, get an early start on your tan or take the optional excursion to the neighboring island of Delos to visit the Temple of Apollo and other fascinating archeological sites. You don’t have to be an all-night party person to get the most out of Mykonos.

The early evening scene is centred on Little Venice where you can sip a cocktail at one of the many bars and cafes which are so close to the water’s edge that your feet get soaked when a boat passes. Mykonos attracts a broad clientele – celebrities, politicians, the beautiful people and ordinary mortals all flock here to see and be seen at the glitzy “anything goes” clubs for which the island is now world famous.

Walking towards the ancient harbor, down a marble road rutted by the wheels of countless chariots, you pass architectural masterpieces like the Library of Celsus before arriving at the Great Amphitheater where St. John the Divine, written here during his exile from the Roman Empire. The cave where he lived is near the site of the Monastery of the Apocalypse.

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These were specified to include carbon radiocarbon dating. Additionally, it is understood that carbon dating of organic material found in the sand and gravel fill that was used to seal the tomb in ancient times was arranged. It is very likely that the archaeological team from the Amphipolis dig has now received the results of this carbon dating and now the head of the team, Katerina Peristeri, appears to have effectively revealed these results in a letter published in the Greek newspaper Avgi on 11th August.

Dates from testing the bones would suggest the period of burials and the dates from tests on organic material in the fill would suggest the sealing date. It may therefore be inferred that the fill gave no carbon dates later than BC and the bones will have yielded carbon dates that were no later than those from the fill.

Greece: the birthplace of drama, philosophy, democracy, and a perfect vacation destination no matter what kind of getaway you’re looking for. Swim in crystal clear waters and lounge under the sun in the Greek Islands, where windmills slowly turn over whitewashed villages.

Athens is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — have a look at each of them. It is in many ways the birthplace of Classical Greece, and therefore of Western civilization. The design of the city is marked by Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman civilizations. Today, greater Athens is by far the economic, political and cultural center of modern Greece, with nearly half of the countries population.

Districts[ edit ] Discussion on defining district borders for Athens is in progress. If you know the city pretty well, please share your opinion on the talk page. The Acropolis – birthplace of modern Western civilization. The sprawling city is bounded on three sides by Mt Ymettos, Mt Parnitha and Mt Pendeli; whilst inside Athens are twelve hills [the seven historical ones are: These hills provide a refuge from the noise and commotion of the crowded city streets, offering amazing views down to Saronic Gulf, Athens’ boundary with the Aegean Sea on its southern side.

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The municipality of Athens, the city centre of the Athens Urban Area, is divided into several districts: Omonoia, Omonoia Square , Greek: It is surrounded by hotels and fast food outlets, and contains a train station used by the Athens Metro and the Ilektrikos, named Omonoia station.

Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long history, dating from the first settlement in the Neolithic the 5 th Century BC (the “Golden Age of Pericles”) – the culmination of Athens’ long, fascinating history – the city’s values and civilization acquired a universal significance. Over the years, a multitude of conquerors occupied Athens, and erected unique.

Its wealth of remains combines with its magnificent mountain setting and its importance in Greek mythology to make Delphi one of the high points of a visit to Greece. Delphi lies kilometers northwest of Athens to which it is connected by a regular bus service. Although there are enough things to do here to justify an overnight excursion, you can easily make Delphi a day trip from Athens.

A convenient way to do this is to join a full-day tour to Delphi from Athens that includes direct transportation by bus or van. Or you can stay overnight, either in the little town of Delphi, close to the ruins, or the mountain village of Arachova, a few kilometers from the ancient site. The Sacred Way is the main route through the Sanctuary of Apollo, leading from the gateway uphill meters to the Temple of Apollo.

Originally, it was lined with votive monuments and treasuries erected by various Greek cities, reflecting the diversity of the political pattern of ancient Greece. The monuments themselves have disappeared, but many of their bases have survived. Temple of Apollo Temple of Apollo Share: All that remains of the Temple of Apollo, the most important building in the Sanctuary of Apollo, are the foundations.

It was built on the same location three times and featured columns, sculptures, and statues inside. The present Temple of Apollo, built in Doric style in the fourth century BC, preserved the ground-plan of the earlier sixth-century-BC Archaic temple and re-used the old column drums, but the detailing is typical of the late-Classical period.

It is here, in the adyton inner shrine that the Pythia priestess would sit and utter the words of the Oracle, sent to her by Apollo and interpreted by the priests.

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It is the most significant reference point of ancient Greek culture, as well as the symbol of the city of Sporadic finds point to the conclusion that the site was inhabited in the prehistoric period but there is no evidence of religious practice in such an early date. Work began on this vast edifice in BCE during the reign of the tyrant Peisistratos, who initiated the building work to gain public favor.

The forested zones, especially in the north, harbour such European mammals as wildcats, martens, brown bears, roe deer, and, more rarely, wolves, wild boars, and s of the Mediterranean regions include hares, wild goats, and porcupines, all adapted to the heat and lack of moisture.

Shopping An insider’s guide to the best things to do and attractions in Athens, including visiting Acropolis, Plaka and Mt Lycabettus as well as day trips to the Temple of Poseidon and Delphi. Nearby, the New Acropolis Museum is a stunning 21st-century exhibition space which more than warrants a visit in this city where the juxtaposition of ancient and modern are part of the appeal. Be sure to walk below the Acropolis at night, too, when it is at its most magnificent, bathed in golden floodlighting.

Jenifoto – Fotolia Contact: Archaic and classical finds from the Acropolis site are displayed here — proud statues of the ancients and life-like stone carvings of animals. The top floor is devoted to the marble frieze that once ran around the top of the Parthenon. About half of the pieces are originals, while the remainder are white plaster copies. The Greeks have wanted them back for decades, and hope that this blatant presentation will finally convince the British to return them.

There’s also an excellent restaurant on the second floor, open during museum hours, and till midnight on Fridays.

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Greece Vacation Tours Greece, with a history dating to ancient times, is full of historical structures, ruins and archaeological sites, all of which draw millions of visitors annually. The country also boasts mountains, modern cities and sandy beaches. Travel agencies offer all-inclusive packages that cater to those who prefer history and those who desire a luxurious beach trip, or both.

TrueGreece TrueGreece offers a vacation package called TrueElegance for travelers who want to enjoy a luxurious time in Greece. The all-inclusive package takes guests to Athens, Crete and Santorini. The company will greet guests at the Athens airport and take them to their hotel. There will be time for guests to explore in Athens before moving to Crete for three days.

Travelers will receive a guided tour of Knossos, one of the palaces of the Minoans, and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Travelers will ride a ferry to Santorini where fruit and wine await in the hotel. Time in Santorini includes a sailing trip with swimming and snorkeling. TrueGreece provides a list of recommended activities for travelers.

The package includes flight, accommodations, daily breakfasts, four dinners, two lunches, transportation between hotels, a chartered bus tour in Athens and Crete, a wine tasting in Santorini and all taxes. Travelers will stay two nights in Athens, four nights in Rhodes and four nights in Crete.

Athens Street Markets – VIDEO TOUR (Monastiraki, Greece)

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